How Do You Remove Stains from Alpaca Woolen Items?

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Alpaca woolen garments are claimed to be stain-resistant, and while this is true to a high degree, it is important to know how to remove stains when something is spilled on your alpaca woolen garment. 

Potiskum When you spill liquids on an alpaca woolen garment, wipe off the drops as quickly as possible. Use a (paper) towel to absorb the liquid that has been absorbed by the wool, squeezing gently. If any stains remain, rinse the garment under cold, running water. NEVER try to brush or rub off stains. 

When taken care of immediately, alpaca wool will barely show stains. However, the longer you wait to remove them, the harder it will be. 

Step-By-Step: Removing Stains from Alpaca Woolen Garments

  1. how to buy disulfiram tablets Wipe off the liquid as soon as possible, using either your hands or a clean cloth. 
  2. Use a clean (paper) towel and pat the fabric to remove the most superficial stains.
  3. Gently squeeze the (paper) towel until most of the remaining liquid is removed. 
  4. Place the garment under cold, running water to remove any leftover stain. 
  5. Gently squeeze out the water with a dry towel. 
  6. Let the garment soak in cold water with vinegar.
  7. If any stains remain, try washing the garment completely. 
  8. For very persistent stains, dry-cleaning can be a last resort. 
  9. NEVER brush or rub the fabric to remove stains. 

If you spill something on an alpaca woolen garment, the fiber will repel the stain in most cases. The alpaca fiber has a special texture with miniscule scales that protect the wool from being penetrated by liquids. 

Liquid or drops will basically stay on the garment, not in. As long as the fiber doesn’t absorb the liquid, it won’t cause much of a stain. 

Wicking off or wiping away the spilled liquid should therefore be the first and most important step to protect your alpaca woolen garment. 

When larger amounts of liquid are spilled, the fiber will end up absorbing some of it and this will need to be removed from the core of the fiber. Luckily, the liquids will easily be absorbed by a kitchen towel or anything else absorbent. 

By gently patting the fabric or the stain using a (paper) towel, you can remove a lot of the liquid from the garment. (GENTLY) Squeeze some of the paper towel around the fabric to get even more liquid out. 

Don’t brush or rub the garment to make the stain come off quicker. It will not help! Instead, it will make the wool fibers “jump out”, which causes a garment to felt. Simply patting the garment should be enough!

Most stains should be prevented by simply following these instructions. Facing a more persistent stain? Fear not, there’s more you can do! 

Rinse the garment with cold, running water to remove the stain from the core of the fiber. When the liquid has been absorbed by the fiber, you can remove the staining liquid with water – you’re basically replacing one for the other. Slowly but surely, you should see the stain fade. 

Simply letting water run through the garment should suffice. Keep the water running until the stain has disappeared. Again, no rubbing or brushing needed! (It makes no sense, given that the stain is on the inside of the fiber at this point!)

Stain not gone yet? Try soaking it in some cold water with a dash of vinegar. This should help!

Make sure to dry the garment accordingly – by placing it flat between two towels. You can squeeze out the excess water first by rolling the garment between a towel, or two, depending on how big and wet the garment is. 

Once the water has been removed, you can simply let the garment dry between two fresh towels, laying on a flat surface, in its original shape. 

If rinsing the garment doesn’t help to remove the stain, you can try washing a garment completely. Use a gentle detergent that removes stains. Be careful not to use a harsh stain remover as this can do more harm than good! 

Or watch the YouTube Video I made washing my alpaca woolen hat! 

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If the stain is still visible, you can consider bringing your garment to a dry-cleaning service. Explain that you have an alpaca woolen garment and explain what kind of stain it is. They will know what to do!

Check out this video in which I show how I clean out three different types of stains: ketchup, red wine and coffee! (Spoiler: I was able to remove them all!)

Alpaca Wool Is Stain-Resistant!

The alpaca fiber has a unique texture with miniscule scales that protect the core from wind, rain and stains. While all wool fibers have such scales, the ones on alpaca are known to be very small and tightly connected. 

The smaller a fiber, the smaller its scales, so even between all alpaca fibers there will be a different degree of stain resistance. However, while not 100% stain-proof, alpaca woolen garments are highly stain-resistant! 

Don’t believe me? Check out this video in which I spill red wine on a piece of expensive WHITE alpaca wool! 

As you can see, I can easily wipe off the red wine before it gets a chance to get absorbed by the fabric. This is thanks to the smooth fiber texture of alpaca wool!

For more details I recommend clicking this link, it will lead you to the full article I wrote about this: Is Alpaca Wool Stain-Resistant?


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