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13 Activities Alpaca Wool is Perfect for

Maybe you are the happy owner of an alpaca woolen sweater that belonged to a grandmother? Maybe you’ve been to Peru and you have learned that alpaca woolen products were only for the Gods? Maybe you’re an outdoor enthusiast and you have mastered every type of weather wearing alpaca woolen garments?

Alpaca woolen products are naturally breathable, warm, and soft. Due to its special features, you can use alpaca woolen products for many different activities, in different environments, and in different weather conditions. Alpaca wool is accessible to many people, even with lanolin-allergies and sensitive skin.

If you are familiar with alpaca woolen products, I bet it is because you have had a special experience using it.

1. You Can Get Married Wearing Alpaca Wool

For the day that might be the most important day of your life, you probably want everything to be perfect. So, if you are looking for a pretty garment to complement your beautiful dress or suit, opt for alpaca wool.

Scared of rain? Wind? Too much sun? Whether you are getting married in summer, spring, fall, or winter, with an alpaca woolen garment (like a fancy stole) you will be comfortable during every moment of your special day!

Alpaca wool is incredibly versatile and is perfect for using in all weather conditions. Don’t worry about your beautiful dress when it starts to rain, or about being cold when the wind starts blowing… Alpaca wool got you covered :)

Alpaca wool is incredibly breathable, so you don’t need to worry about overheating. (Or am I the only one who does that when I know all eyes are on me?) One way or another, you don’t need to worry about red cheeks, a sweaty face, or runny make-up, alpaca wool will maintain a super comfortable temperature for you, all day long.

Alpaca wool comes naturally in 22 different colors. Of those 22 colors you will find many shades of white. So whether you are getting married in impeccable white or dreamy pearl… You will probably find the perfect shade of white to go with your dress.

Another great benefit is that alpaca wool is very stain resistant. While a very persistent stain might eventually leave a trace on a wedding dress (because white…), in most cases you can wipe off any liquid or other undesired stains before they settle in.

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2. You Can Go to a Wedding Wearing Alpaca Wool

Just like you can wear an alpaca woolen garment if you are the bride or groom, you can also wear alpaca wool if you are the special guest of someone else’s happy day!

Especially during all-day events you want to be prepared for every situation. Maybe it is cold in the church where the ceremony takes place? Maybe the ceremony takes place outside? Or maybe you start gathering early when it is still a little chilly? Or perhaps you are planning on staying out on the dance floor all night and you need to wrap up when you go home early in the morning.

Whatever the reason, if you want to be prepared, you need an item that A) matches your carefully selected outfit, and B) keeps you warm in different situations.

Alpaca woolen products look luxurious no matter how you wear them. The wool is shiny and soft, and gives the wearer an elegant look because of its excellent drape. Alpaca woolen products wear perfectly, and have a casual fit.

Alpaca woolen items won’t ruin the rest of your clothes by pilling or shedding. While alpaca woolen products can shed slightly, it should not really be the case if you invest in a high quality piece (if possible, ask for fiber length - the longer the fiber, the less it will pill).

3. You Can Go on a Romantic Date Wearing Alpaca Wool

OK… Imagine… You’re going on a date, you don’t really know what you’re going to do, because it's a surprise. You might do something active, you might do something totally passive. It might be inside, it might be outside. It might be short or long… It could be anything really. So you want to be prepared, right?

The best way to prepare yourself for every date is by bringing an alpaca wool item with you. No matter what you will end up doing, you’ll be totally ready for it. From hiking, to a cinema date, a fancy dinner, or a pub crawl, you could even go ice-skating and or go for a walk at the beach with an alpaca woolen garment!

Ha, and also not unimportant, if you get nervous (because date right!) and things might start to heat up a little more, don’t worry about getting sweaty or red (or both, if you’re like me) because alpaca wool is cool and breathable. As long as you will keep breathing and keep your head cool, alpaca will do so, too!

  • Afraid your date will take your breath away? Check out why alpaca woolen items are always breathable in an article I wrote: Is Alpaca Wool Breathable?

4. You Can Take a Boat Tour Wearing Alpaca Wool

Now, if the surprise date of your lover-lover turns out to be a boatride, you will do well bringing an alpaca woolen item. Alpaca wool is perfect to wear on windy environments like boats.

On a boat, you can be exposed to many different types of weather. It can be hot during a sunny day, but it could also be chilly because it’s often windy when you’re out on the water. In either case, you are going to need some kind of protection, and alpaca wool will protect you from both!

I am not sure if alpaca wool actually protects you from UV radiation, but what I do know is that alpaca wool can shut the sun out to protect you from the heat! Alpaca wool has an insulating layer and while that means that it keeps the warmth inside, it also means it keeps it OUTSIDE.

Alpaca wool has a self-regulated temperature which it maintains around your body temperature. So no matter what the temperature outside will do, you can feel comfortable underneath your layer of alpaca wool!

Alpaca wool is also pretty protective when it comes to the wind: while it is not 100% windproof, it is definitely wind resistant to a large degree (depending on the knit and yarn of course!). On a boat and on the water, it is generally more windy than in a city, so you’re going to need to be prepared.

5. You Can Go on a Walk with Your Baby Using Alpaca Wool (for your Baby!)

Your precious little wawa (which is Quechua for baby) will need a lot of warmth and protection in the first couple of months of his or her life. You can perfectly use alpaca woolen products for your newborn.

Alpaca wool is incredibly soft and your baby’s sensitive skin will not get irritated by alpaca woolen products. Do make sure to check the label: anything below 20 microns should be itch-free, anything between 20 and 30 could potentially be itchy and everything over 30 microns will definitely itch.

According to an article in BabyMed, wool is safe for babies to wear or use. Make sure to use an extra layer between the skin and the garment in case of coarse materials! If your baby is experiencing rashes or itchy skin when exposed to (alpaca) woolen garments, you need to remove the item immediately.

So, while most alpaca wool is super soft and perfectly comfortable to use for your baby, there is another reason why you want to consider using alpaca woolen garments: alpaca wool has great temperature regulating capabilities. This means that babies can wear alpaca wool comfortably without overheating.

While some blankets of other materials keep the baby warm just as good as alpaca wool, they might not be able to maintain a constant temperature. This is problematic because babies do not have the capacity to cool down until they are 18 months old. Babies need to wear clothes that keep them warm while still being breathable, so that they are constantly maintained at body temperature.

Alpaca wool has a special fiber structure that helps it maintain a constant temperature. It heats up and keeps the heat trapped inside, but when it gets hotter, it will just vent out the heat. No matter the outside temperature, alpaca wool will maintain your baby nice and warm.

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6. You Can Go to the Beach Wearing Alpaca Wool

I bet you’d never consider bringing an alpaca woolen garment to a warm, sunny, place like the beach, did you? But yeah, it’s true: you can use alpaca wool in warm environments to keep you cool.

Alpaca woolen items have temperature regulating capacities. This means that alpaca wool can be worn in hot environments and the fiber will just get rid of excess heat. On the other hand, alpaca wool will form a protective layer so that the sun (and the heat) don’t come through and heat up what is underneath it. Pretty cool, right?!

Alpaca wool can also be worn to prevent the sun from directly touching your skin. While it does not give 100% UV protection, a garment can protect your skin from direct sunlight. If it is not a see-through knitted pattern, though :)

While you shouldn’t expect alpaca wool to work like a portable air conditioner, it can definitely bring alleviation from direct, hot sun rays.

7. You Can Go to a Barbecue Wearing Alpaca Wool

Whether it is a pre-summer, mid-summer, cold-summer-night, post-summer, autumn-, or winter- barbecue, you’d do well by bringing an alpaca woolen garment to an outdoor event like a barbecue.

Events like barbecues are almost always outdoors, and I don’t know about you, but I lose all interest in a party where I am either freezing cold or overheating. I like to prepare myself by bringing an alpaca woolen garment - not only to look good, but to feel comfortable, too.

As we have seen before, alpaca wool can basically adapt to any type of weather, so whether it is warm, cold, windy, or rainy, you can find the appropriate protection from an alpaca woolen garment.

Besides being super versatile and classy, alpaca wool is also odor-resistant. This means that it won’t absorb any smells like those from a barbecue! And BBQ’s can get smelly! All the smoke and meat and charcoal and food and booze and fruit and punch and beers can get a little smelly (especially if the wind is not in your favor!), so bringing an odor-resistant item can save you a lot of extra laundry!

The special alpaca fiber does not absorb smells because of its tightly closed off structure. The scales of the fiber are small and neatly connected, protecting an empty core inside that doesn’t trap smells.

8. You Can Go to a Bonfire Wearing Alpaca Wool

Have you ever been to a bonfire? I have. I think my hair and my clothes still smelled like it a week later (after multiple attempts of washing and airing!). Bonfires can be awesome, but one of the disadvantages is the smell! Alpaca woolen products are perfect for fun nights around a bonfire.

Even if it is just to keep that one side of your body that is not facing the bonfire warm, it would be a great idea to bring an alpaca woolen item out to the bonfire. On the other hand, you also want to bring something that doesn’t smell like bonfire five weeks after having been to one. Again, alpaca wool is great.

Thirdly, alpaca woolen products slowly ignite and are self-distinguishing, so if a little accident were to happen when you are trying to roast your marshmallow, you won’t catch fire immediately. I say immediately because eventually all things will catch fire if they are exposed to flames long enough.

But, like I said: alpaca woolen products are slow to ignite, which means that many fibers (especially synthetic ones!) are highly flammable. When I say that alpaca wool is self-extinguishing, it means that when an alpaca woolen item does catch fire, it won’t burn down the entire piece, but it will slowly stop burning.

9. You Can Go Camping Wearing Alpaca Wool

Alpaca wool is perfect for outdoor activities and especially for camping! When you go camping you need something light, versatile, soft, comfortable, and warm. And alpaca wool is all of those things!

First of all, if you go camping in nature, you can use an alpaca woolen scarf to keep yourself warm while hiking the mountains, forests, or other beautiful places. On top of that, the versatility of an alpaca woolen product will come in handy if there are changing weather conditions or many different environments.

Alpaca woolen products are perfect travel buddies because they are so lightweight and versatile, but also because they don’t absorb any smells. So whether you are getting sweaty on your way to campsite, or making a bonfire to roast your dinner, you don’t need to worry about smelling yukky all weekend because alpaca woolen garments won’t hold any smell, nor stains.

I think alpaca woolen products really match any camping situation, from the hike and the travel, to carrying a lightweight items, to being versatile for all weather conditions, and smell and stain-resistant, so bonfires, sweat, stains and dirt don’t stand a change and soft enough to turn it into a comfy pillow or blanket.

Really, go camping with alpaca wool and you’ll find yourself the best travel buddy :)

10. You Can Travel Comfortably Wearing Alpaca Wool

Ha, I wouldn’t necessarily say that camping is super comfortable, so this section is more about “comfortable” ways of travelling, like on a plane, train, or bus. Alpaca woolen products can come in really handy when you are travelling!

Depending on the pilot or busdriver, the AC in planes or busses can be way off. Too hot, way too cold, or somewhere in between. More than often I am cold and uncomfortable because of the temperature, so I have promised myself never to travel without having a scarf with me that is big enough to serve as a blanket (hence the Alpaca XL Scarves!).

On the other hand, I also suffer when the temperatures are too high, and the clammy and pressed air just make me feel miserable. In those cases, having an alpaca woolen blanket is also key, because it will always remain breathable and with a controlled temperature.

Traveling can be miserable if you don’t have something to rest your head on; and I always find myself with my head on a scarf, but with the scarf half pulled over my face to kinda cover me up. Like mini-tent. Don’t know why, that’s just how I travel, I guess… :)

On a long-distance trip, too, it will come in handy that alpaca wool doesn't absorb any smells or stains easily, so you can get off a 12 hour long flight and still feel fresh wearing an alpaca woolen garment!

I don’t think it really matters how you end up spending your travels, as long as you are comfortable. A versatile, adaptable garment like alpaca wool can help you make it through your trip comfortably!

11. You Can Go on a City Trip Wearing Alpaca Wool

When you go on a trip you might have limited space available for things you are going to bring. Bringing an alpaca woolen garment is a great way to save space while having a versatile item available on a short trip.

Alpaca woolen garments are lightweight, versatile and odor and stain-resistant. They will help you make it through the weekend without you needing to bring five different layers or garments with you.

Alpaca wool is also very elegant, and while you are on a city trip and you are testing out some local cuisine in a fancy restaurant, you might want to dress up nicely. So given your limited suitcase-space, you might be limited in what you can bring with you. Luckily, you will boost any outfit with an alpaca woolen garment.

Alpaca wool is shiny and silky and has great drape and therefore dresses elegantly. Also, being able to wear it either as a fancy stole, a sporty shawl, or a comfy scarf, you will find it matching every outfit you have been able to cramp into that tiny suitcase.

Given that alpaca wool doesn’t get smelly or dirty, you can wear it all day long, every day, on the plane, in a museum, outside in the sun, waiting on a terrace, or as a pillow for a quick power nap.

12. You Can Go Skiing/Snowboarding Wearing Alpaca Wool

While merino wool is always the famous type of wool for outdoor activities, alpaca woolen garments are just as good (if not better) to be worn on a ski/snowboard trip.

Alpaca wool will protect you from the snow and the cold, the rain and the wind, and the sun and the sweat. If you are doing high intensity activities, it is important to wear something breathable. Alpaca wool is just perfect for the changes in height, outside temperature and body temperature.

Alpaca woolen products are also soft, so they won’t cause any irritation or an itchy bumbum (not cool when you’re wrapped up in layers and ski-clothes!). Especially if you like wearing hats, it is important to wear a soft fabric that doesn’t cause your head to get itchy! Imagine an itchy hat underneath your helmet… Ohno!

Most importantly, alpaca wool dyes really well, so you will find plenty of hats in awesome colors! Check out the one you like best in my webshop:

13. You Can Go Hiking Wearing Alpaca Wool

And last but not least, alpaca wool is the perfect material for your next hiking gear.

Mountains, wind, rain, sunshine, cold, heat, sweat and tears (?)... If you’re hiking and moving about in different altitudes, what better to wear than alpaca woolen products? If you are finding yourself in the native environment of an alpaca, you might as well dress up like one. Or at least, using its yarn.

Alpacas are native to the Andean highlands of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. They live at high altitudes where the weather conditions are not only rough, but also changing. In one day, the temperatures can get as high as 78°F (26°C), while at night, (or as soon as the sun starts to set), the temperatures drop below zero degrees.

The weather in the mountains is also treacherous: while it can be sunny and warm at one point, five minutes later an incredible down-poor can leave you soaked to the bone. And in such cases you better pray that the freezing cold highland wind doesn’t emerge.

While alpaca woolen thermals might be the best and most perfect items for your trip, an alpaca woolen sweater, hat or scarf will get you a long way too. Especially when the weather conditions tend to be cold, you are going to want to bring some extra layers of protection with you.

Even still, alpaca wool will be the perfect companion for every type of hike that you are undertaking: it is breathable, lightweight, adaptable, versatile, and super soft and comfortable to wear. You will love it and so will Mother Nature.

Hi! My name is Eveline and I started Yanantin Alpaca after having spent five years living in South America. I saw an opportunity to make real, local impact and took it with both hands. I believe that we can create a better world by focusing on what feels good. 

XL Scarf 100% Alpaca Wool Funky Fuchsia

XL Scarf 100% Alpaca Wool Funky Fuchsia

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Loose-Knit XL Scarf Baby Alpaca & Merino Blend Pine Green

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(Reversible) Hat 100% Alpaca Wool Funky Fuchsia


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