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8 Reasons Why Alpaca Wool Is Good For Traveling

Updated: Oct 2

Those of you who have wandered around the planet will know that a smaller backpack is always better. Wouldn’t it be ideal to only need a few items when you’re traveling? Wait, isn’t alpaca wool incredibly versatile!? Could it be that alpaca wool is the perfect travel buddy?

Alpaca woolen items are perfect for traveling, no matter where you go or how you get there. Alpaca wool is very low maintenance (stain and odor resistant, wrinkle free); versatile (protects from rain, wind, cold, and UV); and perfect for many different activities and occasions.

So, whether you want to use an alpaca woolen item on the plane, during a hike, as the single item that you can wear morning, afternoon, day, and night, or just because you don’t feel like washing or ironing anything. Alpaca wool is incredibly adaptable and you will find it the perfect travel buddy for any kind of trip.

Alpaca Woolen Items Are Comfortable

First of all, when you are traveling, you want to be comfortable. Hours on a plane, train or bus can be very long if you’re not wearing the right clothes. When I went on trips as a little girl, I would prepare my clothes days ahead of time to make sure that I would be comfortable when I traveled.

Let’s assume you’ll be on the road (or in the air) for a while. You are going to want to wear something that feels comfortable as you’ll be in the same seated position for hours. So, nothing too tight or too stiff. You probably also want to wear something that doesn’t itch…

Well, alpaca wool does all of that. It is incredibly soft, usually around 26 microns (which shows how thin the fiber actually is), so it won’t cause any irritable skin or discomfort due to itchy hairs (for most people).

  • If you want to find out how soft alpaca wool really is, check out this awesome article I wrote about it: Is Alpaca Wool Soft?

The fiber is also known to be highly elastic, which makes wearing it incredibly comfortable. On top of that, most items are knitted, adding to its flexibility and users’ comfort.

  • Alpaca wool is elastic, but you don’t have to worry about it losing its shape. Read more about this topic in an article I wrote: Does Alpaca Wool Stretch?

Alpaca Woolen Items Are Breathable

During any kind of trip, you are going to want to be prepared for any climate. You never know if the temperature on the plane is going to be comfortable, or too hot, or too cold. I mean… I hate it when I’m cold on an overnight flight, but on the other hand, there are few things more uncomfortable than feeling clammy and sweaty in a full cabin.

Luckily, alpaca wool doesn’t make you feel hot-hot-hot, because it is incredibly breathable. This means that the wool is able to maintain a constant temperature, and when things start to heat up underneath, the excess temperature will be sent out.

With any alpaca woolen item, you will experience a comfortable temperature no matter the temperature of your environment.

  • To completely understand the science of breathability, check out the following link: Is Alpaca Wool Breathable? and read the full article about it!

Alpaca Wool Is Lightweight

Imagine you’re at the airport. You’re ready to board, you just need to find your passport. And that’s when disaster strikes: your bag is too full, you’re carrying too much stuff with you, and that big bulky sweater is just so annoyingly big, bulky and heavy. But you fear the cabin will be cold… and that’s uncomfortable.

Alpaca wool is lightweight, which means that it is also pretty small (depending on the design, of course). While a knitted, woolen item can still be bulky, you can find relatively thin yarn that will keep you pretty warm. You’ll be surprised to see how much heavier a similar item made of sheep wool is!

Alpaca Woolen Items Are Wrinkle-Free and Non-Iron

There you are… you have survived the trip and you arrive at your destination. Do you feel like throwing in a load of dirty clothes and start ironing out all those wrinkles caused by your backpack?

Noooo! You don’t! You’re on a trip, perhaps on vacation, even! I bet you want to leave that hotel room as soon as possible and start exploring. Luckily, you have packed your favorite travel buddy, and your alpaca woolen item is just as ready to rock and roll as you are.

Alpaca wool has a very elastic fiber (thank you, crimp!) and it doesn't wrinkle - AT ALL! - making it easy-care and non-iron. You can easily pull a sweater out of your jam packed backpack and wear it without worrying about creases, lines and wrinkles.

Alpaca Woolen Items Are Odor-Resistant

If you are traveling with limited luggage, you might have to carefully pick and choose your wardrobe. Perhaps, there isn’t even enough room to bring an extra sweater, and one will have to do. In that case (and in any other case, too, really), you can find comfort in alpaca woolen items, as you can wear them day-in day-out without being afraid of things getting smelly.

Alpaca wool is breathable and has a unique fiber texture. It absorbs the air to maintain a constant temperature, and when things get too hot, it will transfer excess heat straight out, back into the air. The same technique is applied to smelly air: when an alpaca woolen item gets smelly, the air doesn’t stick around and is quickly funneled out.

No need to worry about bringing a ton of different clothes with you, alpaca wool stays fresh… even underneath those armpits!

  • How does it work? Click the following link to learn more about the (non)smelly business of alpaca wool: Does Alpaca Wool Smell?

Alpaca Woolen Items Are Stain-Resistant

If you are bringing a limited amount of clothes with you, you want to be careful not to spoil your one and only sweater on the first day, right?! When it comes to alpaca wool, you don’t need to worry about staining it, as it is mostly stain resistant.

Alpaca wool has great wicking capabilities and can shake off moisture (and thus most stains!) pretty effectively. That’s a great feature when it comes to keeping your travel-sweater looking fresh.

In case you do find to have stained yourself with something, in most cases you can easily rinse it off with cold running water.

You Can Wear Alpaca Woolen Items For Every Weather

Whether you are on a city trip with precarious weather or relaxing on a windy yet sunny tropical island… Changes in weather are imminent no matter where you are. I therefore like to have an item with me that I could wear in different temperatures and atmospheres.

With its unique fiber structure, alpaca wool is wind-resistant, water-resistant and it keeps you warm. I have even read that you can wear alpaca wool in a 0°F (-17.78°C) environment and alpaca wool will make you feel as if it were 50°F (10°C).

Alpaca wool not only keeps you warm when it is cold, it also keeps you cool when it is hot! This makes it the perfect protection from UV rays, without overheating your body.

Whether you are going on a city tour, winter sports vacation, or a business trip, alpaca wool will protect you from all the different climates that you may or may not encounter. You can rest assured that an alpaca woolen item will keep you comfortably warm and dry (most of the time, at least!).

Alpaca wool is pretty adaptable to many different climates. Note, however, that it is not perfect! Especially knitted items will let some wind go through, and when a heavy shower is pouring down on you, you will eventually get very wet. However, if you’re looking for an item that is pretty comfortable in most situations, you could absolutely consider alpaca wool.

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You Can Use Alpaca Woolen Items for Many Different Activities

When you are on a trip and haven’t figured out yet what kind of adventures you are going to have, you might want to consider bringing some alpaca goodies with you.

Let’s imagine what you could do with an alpaca woolen scarf:

  • Sit on a windy touring bus

  • Climb the church tower

  • Visit a museum without AC

  • Pick up a coffee in a hip coffee shop

  • Stroll in a sunny park

  • Go on an underground cave tour

  • Join a wine tasting

  • Eat at a fancy restaurant

  • Eat at a normal restaurant

  • Eat delicious street food

  • Go on a super intense hike in nature

For high-intensity activities, alpaca wool is pretty great too, thanks to its breathability (plus all the other wonderful things it does, of course). Alpaca wool is becoming increasingly popular as material used for hikers.

Alpaca wool is not only adaptable to many different environments, it is also adaptable to any style! With its glossy, silky look, an alpaca woolen scarf can make you look very sophisticated in a heartbeat. Given that alpaca wool has a smooth fiber texture and is, in fact, hair (not wool), alpaca wool has a beautiful shine. If you’re familiar with silk, you might understand that a lustrous fiber is often associated with luxury items.

With its many features, alpaca wool can be used in many different activities. No matter what you do, alpaca’s got your back.

Hi! My name is Eveline and I started Yanantin Alpaca after having spent five years living in South America. I saw an opportunity to make real, local impact and took it with both hands. I believe that we can create a better world by focusing on what feels good. 

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